Create a trail mix to satisfy hunger and be nutritious

Chances are, when you think of trail mix, the first thing you think of is snack time in elementary school.  At least I do.  We were served something called Gorp, which was just… Continue reading

Look Better Naked part 1

Hello world! So Amber and I have taken a little hiatus because life got busy but guess what, we’re back and we’re ready to rock and roll. I’m a huge fan of the… Continue reading

Who said salad has to be boring?

I used to hate salad. Who would want a bunch of lettuce for a meal? I thought. That was before I realized the endless possibilities that salad has. This is the salad I… Continue reading

Who motivates you?

It’s common knowledge that having a gym buddy will increase the likelihood that you’ll stick with your fitness plan.  But what about a food buddy? Is there someone in your life that encourages… Continue reading

Just an idea about our buns

Here we have exhibit A: The typical burger bun For me, I only use the bun to keep the goods together, let’s face it, a burger bun has a lot extra carbs and… Continue reading

Making ‘healthy’ taste good

So you’re eating a salad? Gold star for you.  Quick question, how much dressing did you put on it? Do you know how much sugar, fat and sodium that dressing has?  It might… Continue reading

Proven Fact

It is a proven fact that when you mix Greek yogurt, honey, and granola you will taste something close to heaven. Not that I know what heaven taste like, but I can only… Continue reading

Resolve to Make Tiny Changes Starting Now

Raise your hand if you like change.  Yes, that is what I thought…not many of you. In the busy-ness of life, we often get into ruts, schedules and familer ways of doing things. … Continue reading

Paying it Forward… at the Checkout

Like most days off, I venture to the Farmers Market. Usually I leave with a battle wound, and due to traffic, my price charming refuses to actually enter the building. For great prices,… Continue reading

Easter Salad

Traditionally on a day like today, you are gathered with friends and family over a nice meal and baskets. Today in my apartment I am relaxing with my guy, watching movies and eating… Continue reading