Goals for the year

It’s that time again when people make new years resolutions.  Did you make any? How are you doing with them?  The only new years resolution I made and kept was in 2007 when… Continue reading

Cooking our way through Well Fed

It all started mid-December. Hannah was visiting my place this time, and we were relaxing with a glass of wine, and movies. One of my personal favorites, Julie and Julia. It got us… Continue reading

Be Fit, Be Faithful, it’s 2013

  photo credit here Hannah and I have been coming up with great plans to not only hold ourself accountable in 2013, but to help hold all of our readers accountable too. It… Continue reading

Merry Christmas

  Merry Christmas Dear readers! Have a safe and healthy Holiday, and we will see you in 2013! We have big plans for January all ready to go! Let’s have another great year!… Continue reading

My perfect accidental burger

I grew up with Grandma Sunshine, who is an amazing cook.  She had the unique talent of throwing things together to create masterpieces.  It was from her that I learned that as long… Continue reading

Make time to work out on vacation

Raise your hand if you’ve ever skipped the gym while on vacation. Most of you? Yep, me too.  It’s hard to keep up with your fitness routine while away from home.  Finding a… Continue reading

Sweet potato chips, maki rolls, [almost] tattoos and pumpkin pancakes

Hello dear readers, Hannah here. One of the great things about 2012 was that Amber moved to North Carolina.  Until recently, we’d been living several hours apart which wasn’t conducive to quick visits… Continue reading

Jicama, okra, and veggies OH MY

I’m sure you remember this post, you know the one I make a lame attempt to be funny? Anyways, I have photo evidence of the root in question. I found a SUPER cool international farmers… Continue reading

We are now on Instagram!

Fit and Faithful is now live on the photo sharing app that has taken over the world, Instagram!! Follow us today! http://followgram.me/fitandfaithful

Waffle Fail

You know those time when you wake up and are really craving waffles? That was me this morning.  Before I got out of bed this morning I knew waffles are what I wanted for… Continue reading