Paleo Coconut Flour Waffle for One

The problem with breakfast in this country is that it hardly ever keeps you full until lunch.  Most American breakfastes (is that even a word?!) are packed with useless carbs, which your stomach… Continue reading

Chocolate Chile from Well Fed

I know what you are probable thinking, “How on earth can you mix chocolate and chile together in one hot simmering pan and it taste good, and be paleo?” Well the lovely Melissa… Continue reading

I want to eat more fat

You heard me.  I want to eat more [healthy] fat.  Reason: it’s our body’s primary, and preferred energy source. The husband and I have been on the Paleo train for several months now… Continue reading

Scotch Eggs from Well Fed

From the moment I saw the Scotch Eggs recipe in the Paleo cookbook Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan, I couldn’t wait to make them.  Problem was, I wanted to make them with lamb instead… Continue reading

I am NOT Fearful

ok, well actually I am very fearful. Hello dear readers it is Amber reporting live from her apartment- typing like a maniac to confess a fear. I have set my alarm for 4:45am,… Continue reading

The stork is on his way to my house

Good day dear readers.  Hannah here.  It’s true. The stork is coming to my house and he’s bringing us a bundle of joy! I’m pregnant, due in August!  When I got the positive… Continue reading

31 Day Mind Cleanse

Yesterday I read the introduction to I Declare, by Joel Osteen. Immediately I felt on FIRE for Jesus, and ready to work in faith for my future. The Catholic faith celebrates lent, and for 40… Continue reading

Well Fed: Ras El Hanout

I know it has been some time since we talked about our cooking experiment. Truth is, I’ve been cooking out of this cookbook for sometime, I just haven’t made time to sit at my… Continue reading

You ain’t gonna steal my joy

How often do you get upset about something someone says or does?  Have you ever considered that their reaction to you may not be about you at all?  Let’s say it’s not about… Continue reading

Sick and tired

Hello dear readers.  Right off the bat, I have to apologize.  I have been terribly sick and unbelievably tired lately.  So much for 2013 being a year free of sickness!  I cannot breathe through my… Continue reading