All About Hannah

Hello world. My name is Hannah and I’m very excited to be coauthoring this blog with my forever friend, Amber.  As an active person by nature, I am very interested in living a healthy lifestyle.  I grew up in a small country town where I played outdoors with my siblings until dark, rode my bike everywhere, and ate food primarily from my parents garden.

I am a busy twenty-something year old very happily married young woman with a passion for Jesus and healthy living.  I love to learn about how things work and why.  I believe the key to healthy living is more than just eating right and working out.  It’s a balance between physical, spiritual, relational and emotional health.  To live a truly healthy life, one must have balance in all four areas.  I’ll be the first to say I’m not perfect and that I am a continual work in progress.  I hope through authoring this blog, I will grow closer to Jesus and live a healthier life.

My dream is to own my own business as a life coach. I would like to consult others on their fitness and nutrition goals.  Right now however, my main focus is being a mother.  I desire to be an intentional parent, one who intelligently guides my children’s lives toward Jesus and healthy living.  I am considering homeschooling but we’ll see where God takes our family. I’m content to wait on his leading.

You can contact me by email fitandfaithful at gmail dot com.

Canoeing with my family

Canoeing with my family down a river in northern MI