Cooking Club

Winter showed up this week.  Last I remember it was fall. I could wear capris and a t-shirt all day and be fine, but then all of the sudden, BAM! It’s freezing cold and I can’t leave the house without a beanie hat and gloves.  Fall was like, 2 weeks tops.  It was summer and then the humidity disappeared and it was fall, then, winter.  What in the world?!  My friends in Michigan said it was snowing on Halloween.  Snowing?? Halloween is still officially fall in my book and that means snow has no business falling until at least the middle of November.  At least!  Our weather as of late is weird.

But anyway.

Someone I know told me about how she she and her friends get together each week to exchange meals.  I saw her Instagram posts and thought, wow, how does she have time to make all those meals?!  So, I asked her about it and she explained how it worked.  I thought it was a brilliant idea and promptly stole it to use in my circle of friends.  Here’s how it works.  Each person in the group makes a meal and serves it up into to-go containers.  Then you get together with said group once a week and exchange the meals.  And just like that, your lunch is prepared for the entire week!  It’s simple, fun and delicious.  Each person only has to do the work of preparing one meal and then by the end, you get to try each persons dish.

When I heard the idea, I couldn’t want to try it with my friends.  I messaged everyone I could think of with a Paleo mindset and/or who worked outside the home.  Several people said they’d love to participate but would have to wait until after the holidays because they’d be traveling.  No problem, because two of my neighbors said they’d be game for it starting now.  We’ve been doing it for three weeks now with great success.  It’s super easy to meet up with neighbors because you don’t have the hassle of going anywhere!

If you decide to try this, make sure you come up with rules that everyone can agree to.  In our group, we do Paleo-style meals but we cannot afford grass fed meat so we just use conventional meat.  Sorry Mark.


2-5 friends, including yourself

to-go containers like this


Create one Paleo meal that feeds at least 5 people.

Put into to-go containers.

Meet with group members and exchange.


See, isn’t that easy? 🙂