Creative coaching

I love lifting heavy things

I love lifting heavy things

Before I (Hannah) had my son, I had big plans of pursing a career as a CrossFit trainer.  I earned my Level 1 certification June 30, 2013 and couldn’t wait to put it to good use.  I assumed that after I healed from giving birth, I’d go to the gym where I was doing an internship and finish that out, possibly getting hired on as a paid trainer.  But just a month and a half later, my whole world turned upside down as I welcomed a new bundle of joy into my life.  I knew fairly soon after giving birth that I could not imagine trusting someone else to raise him while I pursued my dreams.  They could wait.  Babies don’t stay young for long, you know.  It’s very important to me to establish a firm foundation of moral excellence in my children’s lives.  Nothing is more important than pointing them to Jesus and helping them to grow into God-fearing, respectable, responsible adults.

Despite that, I still love CrossFit.

And I still have a desire to help people.

So, to accomplish both goals–being a stay-at-home mother and CrossFit trainer, I got creative.  It’s nothing no one already does, but it’s something that certainly works for me.

Garage WODs.

I asked my neighbor if she’d like to work out with  me and if she didn’t mind if I coached her along the way.  Working out with someone else is really motivating for me.  If I didn’t have her, I would not be working out as much as we do.  Coaching garage WODs allows me to be close to my little one and keep my CrossFit skills sharp.  While we don’t have a lot of equipment, I certainly can teach quite a few CrossFit foundational movements and techniques with what we do have.  As funds allow, I’ll buy more equipment.  But for now, I’m perfectly happy working out and coaching in my garage.