Paleo Coconut Flour Waffle for One

Who likes almond butter on their waffles? I do!

Who likes almond butter on their waffles? I do!

The problem with breakfast in this country is that it hardly ever keeps you full until lunch.  Most American breakfastes (is that even a word?!) are packed with useless carbs, which your stomach burns through quickly.  Without a good dose of protein, your breakfast is going to leave you wanting more sooner than you can afford to take a lunch break.  Enter, the Coconut Flour Waffle for One.

My favorite breakfast food is waffles. This waffle recipe is for those mornings when you’re flying solo.  You want a waffle but don’t want to make a whole batch (even though waffles freeze exceptionally well).  You’re in luck with this recipe.  I found it on the Living Mint Green blog.  With 2 eggs, it’s packed with protein and sure to keep you full until your next meal.  Try it today!

Coconut Flour Waffle

Yields 1 waffle

Ingredients/Directions 2 eggs 3 tbsp milk of choice (I used unsweetened vanilla almond) 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract 2 tbsp coconut flour dash of cinnamon coconut oil or butter, for cooking Whisk the eggs, milk and vanilla together, then add the coconut flour and cinnamon. Whisk with a fork until smooth. Pour into a pre-heated and oiled waffle iron.