Chocolate Chile from Well Fed

I know what you are probable thinking, “How on earth can you mix chocolate and chile together in one hot simmering pan and it taste good, and be paleo?” Well the lovely Melissa Joulwan who wrote Well Fed did that exact thing. Yes folks she took chocolate and made it into a yummy chile that is totally paleo friendly! Now if you could open you paleo bible copy of Well Fed to page 73. In the beginning steps of the chili you take coconut oil, garlic, and onions and saute! IT SMELLS AWESOME! As a matter of fact I begin every homemade soup by doing that step, and sometimes to be fancy I chop up some celery greens (you know the fun leafy tops of a head of celery ? I totally save it for a rainy day of soup making) and add that to the mixture. Moving on… Check you cumin supply prior to starting the chili, you may have to send your spouse out for more. The recipe takes 2 TBS of it- which may seem like a lot, but isn’t.



Finished product? TASTED AMAZING! To be clear I am NOT just saying that because I link back to chef’s blog. I am just saying that because it is just that good. Here’s a tip: portion it up and freeze it. Let all the ingredients get to know each other and when you re-heat it, it is AWESOME!