I am NOT Fearful

ok, well actually I am very fearful. Hello dear readers it is Amber reporting live from her apartment- typing like a maniac to confess a fear. I have set my alarm for 4:45am, I have laid out my workout clothes, socks, and shoes. I have a water bottle filled and ready to go, and a banana close by, and a couple pain relief meds (jk). For months I have been hearing the raves and the rants of this little workout called Cross Fit. Well, tomorrow morning I will be participating in my first class. I am a nervous wreck, because I am wondering, will I look like a fool because of how inexperienced I am? Will I make good supportive friends? Will I be dressed correctly? Will I cry? Oh Dear God, please do not allow me to release that emotion! Will I be judged? Maybe, I don’t know anyone at the gym besides the owner and his wife, and what if they are not at the gym that early? Will I be judged because I have let my body go as far as I have without taking action prior? What if I break a piece of equipment or worse, my arm? For something I am so fearful about, you may wonder why even go? Well for the past 26 years I have been afraid of spiders, and I am over that one (sort of) so why not jump in a conquer another fear?

For a few months I have been on a deep journey to grow closer to God, not only to benefit my heart, but those hearts around me. Fear has been a milestone that I am getting closer and closer to conquering. I suppose this is just another test, to prove to myself that nothing is impossible through the love and grace God has already given us. God created me, and constructed every bone and muscle in my body, as well as each and every fearful and peaceful emotion. God created you and me to be strong, and to be warriors. I am soooooo fearful, yet soooo ready to be used by our mighty God. I am allowing fear to fuel my fire!

I encourage you, the one sitting down and taking the time to read my thoughts, to take whatever fear, physical or mental and allow it to fuel your fire! I have been, and let me tell you, it’s great. Hey, don’t take my word for it, take Gods word.