31 Day Mind Cleanse

Yesterday I read the introduction to I Declare, by Joel Osteen. Immediately I felt on FIRE for Jesus, and ready to work in faith for my future. The Catholic faith celebrates lent, and for 40 days, they give up something. Traditionally it is food, or beverages, or snacks. I decided what better way to celebrate reading this new book, I would “fast” something for 31 days. All day I thought and prayed about what it should be. A lot of other faith based blogs are fasting, and praying for 40 days for their marriages. Of course I always pray for my husband, and for a God centered union, but I wanted to dig in a little deeper.
 I wanted something a little more challenging. I already eat clean, and follow paleo cloesly (except those cookies I had this morning…opps), and I’m not big on going out to eat or purchasing coffee from coffee shops. Sure the occasional cup of over priced brew will strike, but these things are all easy for me to fast from. I don’t drink pop, or dairy products-gosh what can I give up that will be a challenge? My mother-in-law suggested that I give up some sort of TV program that I wouldn’t watch with Jesus. My dear co-author suggested I give up social media. My mother-in-law suggested I give up a behavior or personality trait that may be damaging my inner beauty. That got me thinking, and she shared a time she did the very same thing, and the blessings that poured out from it. She is stronger in her faith, and has a better relationship with the Lord then she has ever had. 
This morning, while making my breakfast and prepping my curry chicken for lunch today- it finally came to me. I often worry, and think of the negative “what ifs” in my life. When I form these thoughts into words I’m prophesying the negative to happen, before it has ever happened! (If you are reading I Declare already, you have already learned this very thing, and the damage it can cause) I also speak negative things about my body. Someday I’ll tell the entire weight story, but in the meantime know that I haven’t always been a strong, sculpted women, heck- I’m not that yet either BUT in fact I will be. Did you see that? I already spoke the vision, before it has happened. 
Be mindful when you do this- think practical, not unjust, but within God’s will! Trust me, I thought about saying “I will win the mega millions!” but gambling isn’t really God’s will now is it? You know what is within God’s will? Healed relationships and marriages, having a healthy body, living the life you are called to do, starting a faith based organization, being an example, and being a strong man or women of God. For the next 31 days, I will be cleansing my mind of negative what ifs, and negative statements about my body. I already feel refreshed and it’s only day one!