Sick and tired

Hello dear readers.  Right off the bat, I have to apologize.  I have been terribly sick and unbelievably tired lately.  So much for 2013 being a year free of sickness!  I cannot breathe through my nose, taste or smell very well and sleeping is difficult.  I don’t exactly know what’s wrong but as a person who hates the doctor, I’m not jumping up and down to find out.  I’ve been taking Vitamin C capsules and eating lots of fresh produce.  I hope this yucky-ness is on it’s way out.  This morning after a difficult Crossfit WOD, I sacked out for 2 hours.  I guess that’s what 150 Wall Balls will do to a person who’s under the weather!

In other news, I’ve been slowly progressing through the book of Mathew.  I find that as I read, I feel closer to Jesus.  Who knew the Savior had instructions for his apostles (Matt 10:5-42)? I sure didn’t! How interesting to me that Jesus says he doesn’t come to this world to bring peace.  Isn’t world peace what every single Miss America contestant wants? I wish they knew we’ll never see it in this life.

In my kitchen, I’ve been slacking.  Because I haven’t felt well, I’ve indulged in some of my husband’s less than perfect non-Paleo foods.  Today I had a peanut butter and jelly.  The upside, none of the ingredients contained high fructose corn syrup! 🙂 Look for my attempts at the recipes in Well Fed coming soon!