Goals for the year

It’s that time again when people make new years resolutions.  Did you make any? How are you doing with them?  The only new years resolution I made and kept was in 2007 when I vowed not to eat fast food.  I made it all year without eating fast food.  My only exception was Subway, which in my mind was healthy.  Now I know how grains can harm your digestive system, my opinion has changed dramatically.

This year, I have a few simple goals.

I want to be able to do 3 dead hang pullups, if not more.

I want to do at least 10 pistol squats on each leg.

I want to read the Bible all the way through.

I want to get my degree started, if not finished. At age 28, I feel like somewhat of a slacker without a degree.  That may be due to the brainwashing most Americans get that says you need to have a degree to be successful and accomplished.  Who knows.  I know that my goal of being a nutritionist and fitness professional cannot be achieved without a degree or certificate of some sort.  I feel like I’ve wasted some of my time a a young person but at the same time, if I’d have stayed in college, I would not be the person or be where I am today.  I am very blessed.

What are your goals this year? How will you get there?  Goals should be measurable and attainable, not too broad.