Cooking our way through Well Fed

It all started mid-December. Hannah was visiting my place this time, and we were relaxing with a glass of wine, and movies. One of my personal favorites, Julie and Julia. It got us thinking about our journey to a paleo eating lifestyle. Hannah already owned the book, and I decided I needed a copy for myself. About the moment Julia decided to write a blog about cooking through Julie Child’s cook book, we decided to do the same. It was as if a light bulb instantly went off between Hannah and I. We decided to split the recipes between our self’s, and cook each and every recipe in the book Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan.

wf.hannah wf.amber

First thing I did in my kitchen, was pull every non perishable item, that wasn’t a paleo staple and took them to my church for donation. Then I found a document, on pinterest of course of some paleo non perishable items that are essential to have on hand. If you are working through converting your pantry into a paleo proof solution for your family, this is the way to do it. Pick a paleo cookbook that tickles your fancy- Well Fed just happens to be our fancy at this time. Hannah created a Google document that we can both alter, and make notations too. We will be preparing and testing each and every recipe in the Well Fed book, we shall keep you posted!