Be Fit, Be Faithful, it’s 2013



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Hannah and I have been coming up with great plans to not only hold ourself accountable in 2013, but to help hold all of our readers accountable too. It won’t be easy, but it will be a lot of fun. After reading this, take some time and ask what you want to do different in 2013. We are blessed with this thing we call “New Years Resolutions” (or maybe if your like me they can always mean a failure, or a curse on your self esteem). Every new year we get a chance to whip the slate clean and have a fresh start. Take a moment today and write down 1-3 changes, habits, or goals you’d like to set for yourself in 2013. Here are mine….

  1. To keep up with my daily walk and love for Jesus, I’ve decided to crack open the new devotional bible my dear pal Hannah got me, and read it from cover, to cover. She’s agreed to start this reading journey with me. 
  2. Finish a big tattoo piece I’ve been dreaming up.
  3. Make better health and fitness decisions, and this year I will make those changes!



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As a part of making better health and fitness decisions, you will see Hannah and I cook our way through a paleo cookbook during the first part of the new year, as well as our “regular” scheduled programing. We are also introducing monthly challenges for our selfs (please join). January? 30 days of paleo eating and daily exercise! To get ready for my fresh start in 2013, I have a food and exercise journal ready to go, a fancy paleo style cookbook, a couple new workout dvds, and an inspiring bible verse.


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