Maki Rolls and Yamaka’s

Ok, so I know I have some explaining to do on the title, and I will get to that. It’s kind of an inside joke between Hannah and I that I would now like to share with everyone reading, but more on that later. Since both of us have decided that Paleo is the way to go, Hannah was prompt on ordering some paleo friendly cookbooks. She’s on top of her game I tell ya! Today’s recipe is from a gal named Melissa Joulwan from The Clothes Make the Girl. She is the author of the paleo cookbook Well Fed, and let me tell you, this book is awesome, I have to order myself a copy too!

Anyways, here is a the list of ingredients we used:

  1. Nori 
  2. Boiled shrimp (pealed & cleaned)
  3. avocado
  4. Scallions
  5. Mango (ps. big pain to cut- If you happen to have some simple instructions on how to cut a mango-please comment)
  6. Green pepper
  7. Cucumber (seeded)
  8. Zucchini: Please note that the recipe did not call for zucchini, but when you can’t find jicama (or yamaka), you work with what you know, and we know zucchini, and the zucchini was perfect.

Lay out your nori paper, butter your paper with super ripe avocado leaving an inch bare to whatever side fits your style. On the bare side- lay down your shrimp, scallions, and a couple other ingredients that tickle your fancy. Slowly roll up the ingredients, and add the others. The recipe suggests using a bamboo mat- but being the rebels we are (and just not owning one), we didn’t seem to need one.

Jicama is a new ingedient that we are discovering as part of the paleo lifestyle. While I lived in South Florida I was introduced to the root by a friend. It’s lite, and crispy and tastes amazing crisped up on a pan. Besides that, while Hannah was reading the ingredient list during my last visit, she messed up the pronunciation and called it yamaka. LOL, sadly we didn’t find jicama, or yamakas but zucchini worked perfect.

ps. Just a small caution advisory: Be careful while rinsing your knifes. Ouch!