Hurts so Good

A couple weeks ago, I posted an example of my workouts. About a week or two into my vigorous workout schedule, I was feeling the burn, and not the good kind! I was in a lot of pain. I struggled to sleep with back pain and those first steps out of bed consisted of shooting pain up my shins. Now, I know you should “feel the burn”, but this sort of pain wasn’t natural, was it? I was completing 6 cardio workouts a week, and  Sunday rest day with yoga and walking AND 3 running workouts a week. This is intense, and for some people you are already at this level, and for that I applaud you. If you are just getting started, it is great to be ambitious! It’s totally OK to push yourself to the next level, but not by hurting yourself. When you are in the middle of a crab crawl, or a plank hold, and you feel that burn, that is probably a “good” burn. Here are some tips to help keep you from hurting yourself that I have implemented.

  • Be sure to focus on form, and properly executing each workout. Once you have executed proper form you can focus on intensity.
  • Always start with a warm up…
  • …and end with a cool down
  • If some muscles feel more tense then others, stretch them out a little longer, or perhaps invest in a foam muscle roller (Thank you Hannah for the tip!) 18×6 is a good one to start with.

For my current level, my ambitious workouts were too much. When I realized a burn that felt good, and a burn that felt painful were too very different reactions to working out- I listened to the pain my body was feeling, and I scaled back. Moral of the story, listen to the signals your body is giving, and learn to know the difference of pain, and “hurts so good”. Who doesn’t love 80s rock? Hit play and dance around the house (or office)…right now!

ps. Hannah and I have another get together planned later this month! She already has a few ideas up her sleeve, and I am hoping that yoga, movie, and tattoos are in order? Who knows if we will have time to squeeze it all in.