Amber’s Workout Schedule

I don’t know if it is my crazy obsession with writing lists, or being too organized for my own good, but I went on a fitness schedule planning SPREE! I took my trusty desktop monthly calendar and pre-planned my daily workouts for the entire month of October thru the rest of the year.  Before moving to North Carolina I had lost 20lbs, but during the month of September, with the move and adjustments (just lame excuses), I fell short on my daily workouts. I still continued to eat a “clean” diet, with lots of  high quality h20, but I wasn’t doing my workouts on a consistant bases. So, I went crazy, and I planned away my year!

I am following the Pink Method workouts, and the Couch to 5k program. I have slightly altered the days the workouts are completed to fit into my work schedule. For example, on the pink method the “rest day” is on day 7, but for me, my rest day is on Sunday’s. I save Sundays for deeper spiritual time with God, lot’s of healthy cooking, nascar, and a “lite” workout. It’s an all around relaxing day! Here is an example with this weeks workout schedule.

  • Sunday: Yoga + 20min walk outside
  • Monday: Phase 1 Kardio + Yoga Core + Couch 2 5K week 1, workout 1
  • Tuesday: Phase 1 Kardio + Phase 1 Strength Push
  • Wednesday: Phase 1 Kardio + Phase 1 Strength Pull + Couch 2 5k week 1, workout 2
  • Thursday: Phase 1 Kardio + Athletic Abs
  • Friday: Phase 1 Strength Pull + Mat Lower Body + Couch 2 5k week 1, workout 3
  • Saturday: Phase 1 Kardio + Phase 1 Strength Pull

Yes I am spelling Kardio with a “K” on purpose, that’s the PINK method way of course. Now let’s look at some low-quality iphone photos…

I left the month of October out on purpose because I spilled coffee on it, and had some personal bill stuff jotted down.