Homemade Quinoa Sushi Rolls

Hannah and I had only 2 plans set in stone for our visit, watch the sunrise and cook! With the exception of some local beach bakery cupcakes (which were AMAZING), we cooked every meal from scratch. Just in time for us planning our menu, I came across this video found HERE by Blogilates, she is great BTW! So, watch the video, and give it a try! Cassy does a great job of explaining how easy it is to make these rolls.

We did make some changes to the recipe. For example, we used agave nectar for the sweetener, and fresh shrimp for the protein. Also, all we had on hand was standard seeded cucumbers, so once I cut them, I sliced out the seeds. I promised myself that next time I make homemade quinoa sushi rolls, I wouldn’t use carrots. Not that that I don’t love a good crunchy carrot, but it made it difficult to cut the rolls.

Picked these little shrimp up from a local seafood market

Hannah pealing them

While the quinoa was cooling, we added agave nectar and rice vinegar


We had some sesame seeds, spicy sauce, and low sodium soy sauce on hand. This was just part of our meal, Hannah will be back later in the week with more recipes, and I will be back with another variation of this recipe. Homemade quinoa sushi rolls are so easy everyone. You don’t even need a bamboo mat.