Excuses, Excuses

Excuses. We all make them.  We go out to eat because we “don’t feel like cooking”. We tell our friends we can’t make it to dinner but we really just can’t afford it.  We let our dogs walk us because we are too lazy to train them.  We don’t work out because “its too much of commitment”. Everyone makes them.  Do you realize you’re even doing it?  Probably not.

I recently had a conversation with a gal who wanted to get healthy and lose weight.  She assumed that walking her dogs (at leisurely pace, mind you) was enough of a workout for her and declined when I asked her to join me at exercise class.  Why didn’t she want to join me? I asked her.  She said it was because she gave up on countless other things and didn’t want to start attending the exercise class only to give that up too.  I say to that, great self reflection! She identified an area of weakness, in her case, lack of commitment, but she failed to takes steps to correct it.  Why? Well, simply, she didn’t want to.  She gave me an excuse hoping I’d buy it but she didn’t deceive me.  I have a feeling she wasn’t deceiving herself either.

Just because I saw right through that woman’s excuse, didn’t mean I also had the ability to talk her through it to help her realize it.  Have you noticed, some people are living in a dream world and are perfectly content there? Sad, isn’t it?  I think excuses are a form of deception.  First, a deception to yourself and secondly to others.  God calls us to be sober-minded and to resist the devil.  If we are letting the devil feed us lies and then turning around and speaking those lies in the the form of excuses to others, what kind of witness are we being for the Lord?  I challenge you, take responsibility for yourself.  Don’t give excuses. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.  Don’t be lazy and justify yourself to the outside world using excuses.