Hannah here, how are you doing, dear readers?  

I have a smattering of things I want to touch on today, most of which have nothing to do with the other.  Rather than dabble with fancy introductions, let’s just jump right in.

TrueFaced.  My Wednesday night Bible study group has been studying this book for the past 6 weeks and tonight, we are discussing the last chapter.  When I first purchased the book 5 years or so ago, I wasn’t in a place in my faith where I thought this book applied to me.  Turns out, I was wearing a mask, putting on a show and out of any book I could have read back then, this one should have been it.  I’ve learned so much from this book.  To give a synopsis in this blog post would be wrong. It’s one of those books you must read for yourself.  If you feel as though you are just “making it” through life with no real sense of where you’re going or what the next step is in your faith in God, this book is for you.  I’ve learned to trust in God on a deeper level and show grace to other believers, especially those who intentionally or unintentionally hurt me.  It’s really a breath of fresh air.  Prior to realizing the truths in this book, I was afraid to be myself, afraid of the next time I’d be hurt and how I might react.  Now, I am trusting God for everything.  My emotions do not rule my life.

Healthy eating.  My goal was to be a vegan by June 2012.  One of my requirements was that I not waste food already purchased.  My non-vegan food stuffs have dwindled but they aren’t completed depleted.  I have one more serving of shrimp, two servings of fish and some cheese left in the fridge.  Cheese is one thing I’m hesitant to give up.  Despite the known adverse health effects of animal products like cheese, I just can’t seem to find a replacement for it, especially in Mexican dishes like burritos and tacos.  My plan is to purchase veggie cheese from now on.  I found out the grocery store down the road carries a wide selection of vegan items.

Exercise. My neighbor Kristen and I have been doing Tibata in our homes for a couple of weeks now.  Never heard of it? It’s simple.  All you really need is the Workout Timer on your phone or tablet.  Set it for 8 rounds, 20 seconds work, 10 second rest.  Then, pick your exercises.  Kristen and I usually do 10 different exercises.  Here’s a sample of what we did last week.

  • Lunges. Your choice, back, side or walking.
  • Dumbbell deadlift to high pull
  • Side to side abs
  • Pushups
  • Military press
  • Squats. Your choice, back, front or sumo.
  • Leg lifts
  • Plank. Rotate front, back, left and right
  • Bench press with glute lift
  • Dumbbell shrugs with calf raises

After Tabata, I feel completely alive.  They say you should be exhausted after a good workout.  With Tabata, I am.  It’s amazing for a short and sweet workout that really gets results.  I am happy to report, I have lost 6 pounds since the first of May.  I attribute this success to my deliberate attempt to get more physical activity and exercise coupled with a reduced intake of animal products and increased intake of plants and whole grains.

Community.  It is becoming increasingly apparent to me how imperative community is to a rich relational life.  Christian community even more so.  I am so thankful for the people God has placed in my path lately.