Aloe Water Review

I tried Aloe water a couple weeks ago when my husband mom Jina came to visit. She writes a great blog over at Health Scientist 80/20. I have been hooked on the stuff every since! I had a hard time finding the stuff at my loca grocery store, so I visited Whole Foods. They had so many different kinds! I knew I wanted different flavors then original, and it had to have pulp in it. I’m a big fan of the mixed fruit blend. I sipped some on my lunch, and the rest at dinner. I’ll let you know about the other blends, and brands on a later date.


ps. Jump on over to Health Scientist 80/20 for a full report on the benefits of aloe water. Also, Fit and Faithful was NOT paid to review this project by Aloe Water, or Whole Foods. I just wanted to share something I enjoy, and where I found it.