May = accountability

I welcome the start of a new month! New month, new goals, new resolutions. Seems simple enough right? I’m the type of person that requires accountability. It recently occurred to me that the only problem with my fitness journey is I don’t hold myself accountable. It’s very simple ladies and gents- your body is all the accountability one needs. Wait, let me rephrase that “Amber, your body is all the accountability you need”. With that said, I’ve implemented some simple changes around the household to make daily choices simple, and encouraging that accountability.

  1. Daily Devotional w/ a hot beverage: I get up and get the coffee of hot tea brew, toss my work uniform in the dryer (because I hate irons), and read my morning devotional. I keep my morning quiet time pretty simple. I read from a daily calendar that provides a bible verse, and a paragraph reflecting on God’s word. I’m currently flipping through this one here.  
  2. Daily activity: It can be anything from walking the trash to the dumpster, because it is a nice little hike, or yoga. Getting some house chores done, like sweeping, laundry, and scrubbing the kitchen. In the evening I like to walk to get the mail, take a swim, or a cardio video.
  3. Stock the shelves with healthy choices: Thanks to my favorite little nursery around town, we always have fresh fruit and veggies. I have several bags of frozen fruits for quick smoothies, and almond milk. I even have a small stash of chocolate for those pesky cravings. I find that if I grab a quick nibble- I can take care of that craving, avoiding binges.
  4. Only eat meals at the table: Besides avoiding all day snacking, and its an opportunity to sit and chat with your family. Since Eric and I are both always so busy with work life, its nice to sit down and talk with my husband. It gives us a chance to discuss our hopes and dreams, and touch base with the week ahead. Our cats Sophia and Stella are close by, curled up on a dining chair or bench. They know they are not allowed to peak their heads up. 
  5. Drink plenty of water: I read once that you are suppose to take how much you weigh, divide the number in 2, and thats the amount of onces your suppose to drink in water per day. Example, let’s say you weigh 170lbs, half of that is 85, so you should consume 85oz in water per day. I’m not a doctor, or a nutritionist, but if your number equals less 80 you should still drink at least 80oz of water per day. I think this equation is if you are weigh more (which I won’t be shy folks, that is most certainly me-but not for ever!). 
  6. Get plenty of rest: Seems like you wouldn’t need to elaborate on this one, but getting plenty of rest isn’t that important if its not a comfortable, relaxed rest. What is relaxed rest? Spending some extra quiet time with God before sleep. Wearing comfortable clothes, and a perfect temperature. Do you know that you burn calories while sleeping? I want to be in the perfect state of mind while I sleep if it means a few more calories burned. Our office is in the bedroom- so Eric downloaded a screen saver fire place. It’s rather soothing. 
Aside from these small steps of accountability, I’m also reading Reshaping It All by Candance Cameron Bure. I get an hour lunch at work, so I drive my car to a shaded area, or the beach and read… and eat of course!