Priorities, where are yours?

Dear Readers,

It has been awhile since I’ve written.  Please accept my sincere apology but my priorities have been out of whack.  You see, I suffer from a very popular, but often ignored flaw, perhaps you or someone you know does as well? See if you recognize these symptoms:

  • Inability to focus on one activity
  • Sense of irritability about the mundane
  • Confusion surrounding one’s own decisions in life
  • Constant desire to fix the wrongs in one’s life but no idea where to begin

If you can relate, great.  You are not alone.

It just occurred to me last week that I have my priorities all wrong.  Here I am, wondering why everything isn’t coming together for me, when all along, I am the one to blame.  The outside world, the circumstances I am in, really have nothing to do with where I am right now.  Does that make any sense whatsoever? Let me explain.

I wake up every morning at 5:30 AM so that I can be showered, dressed, feed the dogs and have the chores done before my charges arrive at 7 and 8 (I am a nanny to two kids, 4 days per week).  Oftentimes, I don’t make time to work out.  Why? The answer seemed to come out of nowhere.  I don’t make time to exercise in the mornings because I don’t make it a priority.  For what seems like a long time, I’ve been making household chores a high priority.  It’s time to be transparent.  Do I think keeping our home spotless is going to somehow make me a better wife in my husband’s eyes?  Why is a clean house so much more important than a fit body? Something isn’t right here.  Not only am I trying to maintain a cleaner-than-necessary home, I’m sacrificing my own health and happiness because of it.

If perfection is my priority, I will fail every time.

Then there’s my relationship with God.  Where is He in all of this craziness I call my life?  I try to fit devotions in at breakfast but it doesn’t always happen.  It’s highly unlikely that I sit down later in the day for some quiet time with the Lord if I skip it at the breakfast table.  My days are busy.  With two kids aged 5 and 6 months to care for, in addition to three dogs, two of which are under the age of 1, our home can get hectic.  I have not been making God a priority.  This is not okay with me.

So now that I’ve discovered the problem, what is the solution?  I don’t have all the answers but here are my preliminary thoughts.  Instead of focusing on cleaning the house, or other menial tasks before the kids arrive, I should have only 3 priorities; breakfast (for myself and the dogs), devotions and exercise.  This sound easy, right?  It’s not.  On days when the kids come at 7, I have 1.5 hours to complete these three things.  I am praying for God to grant me wisdom in the area of time management.

In regards to working out, I know that having a plan set ahead of time would eliminate precious minutes wasted deciding what to do.  Perhaps I could have notecards with my workouts written down ready when I need them.  I could also create a workout menu, so to speak, that details what I will do, and on what day.

My quiet time with the Lord cannot be put off.  I must begin the day with Him and I must end it with Him as well.  I will use my women’s devotional book in the mornings and follow my Life Group Sunday school class study in the evening.

Thank you for listening dear readers.  Because my home group Bible study is studying the book, TrueFaced, I have been inspired to be more transparent in my daily life, especially with my close Christian friends.  Accepting God’s grace and trusting Him are far more important than living with an unnecessary desire to please God with our works.


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