Renew without interruptions

“Create in me a clean heart, oh God; and renew a right spirit within me” PSALM 51:10

I love the part that says to ‘renew a right spirit’. Renew means to resume after an interruption. My personal journey to a healthier lifestyle has often been interrupted. When I asked my forever friend Hannah to co-write this blog with me, I knew it was a chance to get healthier, closer to God, and not get interrupted. Eating healthy, working out, and being close with Jesus is never easy to maintain with busy lifestyles. Our goal at Fit and Faithful is to encourage and strengthen followers of Jesus in healthy habits for living.

Now for a bit about me, I am 25 living in south Florida with my husband and 2 cats Sophia & Stella. I work full time, and work a different shift every day. I have a passion for decorating, living healthy, and Jesus. I hope you continue to read this blog of ours, and maybe you will also renew a right spirit, without any more interruptions.


Though the thoughts and ideas are based upon the authors of Fit and Faithfuls opinions, the scripture is truth. It is strongly recommended that you consult your physician prior to starting a fitness routine or diet. This blog is a drama free zone, and we reserve the right to delete comments deemed inappropriate. It is our desire to share testimonies on this blog. If you would like to share how God has impacted your life to a health path, or have become more faithful through fitness, please contact us at for more details.