Locked and Loaded

When my forever friend and co-author Amber asked me to do this blog, I was excited. I am passionate about living healthy and I’m passionate about Jesus. I know this blog is going to be a great place to share ways that we are living healthy both spiritually and physically. It’s not easy to live healthy while leading a busy life. I know this all to well. I work part time retail sales, go to school part time and still have to make time for the gym, my husband and our friends. What’s a busy girl to do? Well, I’m excited to share the ways in which I live healthy life and I know Amber is too!

More than huge changes, I believe baby steps in a healthy direction make a bigger difference in one’s life. I can’t wait to share the small differences in my life that have helped me live healthier.


Though the thoughts and ideas are based upon the authors of Fit and Faithfuls opinions, the scripture is truth. It is strongly recommended that you consult your physician prior to starting a fitness routine or diet. This blog is a drama free zone, and we reserve the right to delete comments deemed inappropriate. It is our desire to share testimonies on this blog. If you would like to share how God has impacted your life to a health path, or have become more faithful through fitness, please contact us at fitandfaithful@gmail.com for more details.