Cooking Club

Winter showed up this week.  Last I remember it was fall. I could wear capris and a t-shirt all day and be fine, but then all of the sudden, BAM! It’s freezing cold… Continue reading

Can you be a Christian and be Primal, too?

I’ve been working on this post for quite some time now.  I guess you could say I had writers block.  Bloggers block? Is that a thing?  I just didn’t really know how to… Continue reading

Sweet Beet Salad

I used to hate salad.  There was nothing more unappetizing to me than a bowl full of lettuce.  How boring.  Lettuce doesn’t pack much of nutritional punch so I thought, Why bother?  I… Continue reading

Kombucha: Fermented, cancer-fighting, detox tea

Until recently, I’d never heard of kombucha tea.  But now that I’m on my fourth  batch, I must say, it is simply delicious.  I’m drinking a glass of it every day now.  My… Continue reading

Creative coaching

Before I (Hannah) had my son, I had big plans of pursing a career as a CrossFit trainer.  I earned my Level 1 certification June 30, 2013 and couldn’t wait to put it… Continue reading

Sugar, you’re going down

I’ve always had a sweet tooth.  When I was young, my family used to tease me for having a huge bowl of ice cream nearly every evening. I couldn’t get enough of dessert… Continue reading

Now that I’m a mother

When you become responsible for another human life, an impressionable, curious, completely-dependent-on-you little life, you can’t help but view things differently.  It’s not just you now.  You have someone else to watch out… Continue reading

Paleo Pad Thai

My favorite cookbook never ceases to amaze me.  If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Well Fed, you need to do yourself a favor and buy it right now.  Every single… Continue reading

A life wasted

It’s easy to do, waste your life away.  A little here, a little there and before you know it, so much time has passed that you can’t believe where you are and how… Continue reading

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies…that actually taste good

If you’re like my husband, you’re skeptical about classic recipes that have been revamped to be so called “healthy”.  Rice made of cauliflower? Lasagna without noodles? Sounds fishy to him.  He’s got a… Continue reading